Maximum Performance Technology

Designed for Maximum Performance

Compression clothing has been proven to enhance the power, speed, and endurance in men by 12% and in women by 30%. Mobility Impact Suit provides you all these benefits to enhance performance. Also, with the strategic padding and flat stitch, it provides you more comfort and protection.


Light and Durable – Stay Cool on the Field!

The Mobility Impact Suit has been constructed with lightweight micro fiber, which transfers the moisture away from the body of the athlete, and enables them to stay cooler and more comfortable during performance.

The lightness and durability of the Speed Suit benefit athletes from all sports.


Washable and Easy to Wear – No Buttons or Strings!

Athletes can quickly and easily put this suit on and be ready to go. There are no buttons or strings. Just step into the suit and zip it up. In addition, both the compression suit and padding are washable, making it more convenient for equipment managers.


Advanced Safety

Our suits are each created with built-in High Density Polyethylene padding that is strategically placed in high-impact areas for the ultimate protection. Removable pads allow athletes to customize protection to their desire, while not slipping once in their place. This cross-linking technology enables the pads to be durable yet flexible making the Mobility Impact suits  "IMPACT RESISTANT."

With a sleek back-zip, athletes can step in to their suit with ease and no concerns of injury from buttons or strings. 


Get to Speed

Bulky padding under sports equipment limit mobility, slows athletes down. Mobility Impact suits are made with lightweight microfibers with four-way stretching capabilities. Stretch fibers allow extreme freedom of movement and reduce injury to the athlete while also providing a strong moisture transference technology that works to keep athletes cool.