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Mobility Impact Suit™ - The Boost Your Football Team Needs

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Football is a vigorous sport. In America, High School Football is rated as one of the most popular interschool sports. Many legendary American athletes started their career from this level.

Football is highly competitive and requires strong, determined athletes with effective technical skills. High School is a great learning ground for students, as the teams are assigned dedicated coaches who train, guide, and manage them. The coaches help the students unleash their true potential as athletes.

A physically challenging sport, Football is a combination of strength, mobility, agility and speed. The fitness of the players plays the most important role in a team’s success. Players, along with the coaches, work on their fitness and health to achieve consistent improvement.

There are several factors that can affect the efficiency of a team. A lack of fitness, skills, pace, coaching support, and good-quality equipment are just some. Each member of the team needs to be provided with essential equipment including uniform, helmets, guards, etc. Players need to be able to perform to their full potential in the suit/uniform they have been provided.


Mobility Impact Suit™ provides players ultimate protection!

In football, players need to get extremely physical with each other and perform different tackles, while displaying a great show of strength. Therefore, injuries often occur in football. However, prevention is still important, so as to avoid any unusual or severe injury.

Mobility Impact Suit™ is a sports-wear that is designed to ensure maximum protection to the athletes, enabling them to perform highly vigorous activities without the risk of getting injured. It’s a compressed suit and contains built-in pads that are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). These HDPE pads are strategically placed on the suit to prevent injuries that are likely to be caused by direct, high-intensity impact on certain areas of the body.

From a coach’s perspective, it’s highly important that the members of the team do not get injured on the field. Sustained injuries bring down the morale of the team and also affect the overall performance.


Mobility Impact Suit™ ensures maximum mobility, agility, speed and comfort.

No football team can ever achieve good results without the players’ vital mobility, agility, and speed. These are the most important factors for a football player.

Mobility Impact Suit™ has been designed considering these crucial needs, and substitutes heavy, bulky under-pads that bring down the speed and mobility of an athlete, with built-in, lighter yet equally effective pads.

The cross-linking technology and four-way stretching capabilities in the suit allows the football players to freely make vigorous movements with full speed and comfort.

The material used to build the suits is lightweight micro fiber. It enables the athletes to stay cooler during performance.


Mobility Impact Suit™ comes with no buttons or strings, making it easier to wear.

The athletes only need to get into the suit and close the zip. Also, the suit and the padding are washable, which greatly assists the equipment manager in maintenance.

Whether you’re an athlete, a coach or a trainer, the Mobility Impact Suit™ contains immense benefits for all. And to top it off – it comes in various sizes, colors, and can even be made-to-order to satisfy your needs.