Protection for Kids

Mobility Impact Suit™ - The Protection Your Kid Needs While Playing

The importance of sports in a kid’s growth years is undeniable. Sports can play a vital role in someone’s life. Not only are sports great for keeping physical health in good shape, but they also make you mentally strong, imparting physical and psychological skills that help a long way in life.

However, some sports can be very physically challenging. The biggest concern for parents is their child’s safety while playing. To ensure safety, it’s necessary that your child has a sports-wear that guards their body and prevents all types of injuries, big or small. Injuries in sports not only harm your child’s physical well-being, but also affect their confidence and self-belief.

Mobility Impact Suit™ is the solution for all your concerns. It is a compressed sports-wear that ensures ultimate protection against all types of injuries and also provides maximum comfort for your child. It is made for both boys and girls.

Protection that allows your child to play fearlessly

For a child to excel in sports and blossom into a great athlete, it is essential that they play without any fear of getting hurt.

Mobility Impact Suit comes with built-in pads made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). These HDPE pads are tactically placed on the suit to guard the areas of the body where your child is more likely to get hurt while playing. These areas are critical and require proper safety. The suit is totally impact proof.

It further provides you with the option to remove and adjust padding if you want to customize the suit. This takes care of all your concerns regarding the proper safety of your child’s different body parts. Ideal for Pop Warner Football

Pop Warner Football is a continuously growing football program. It is a great platform for young people between the age of 5 and 16, and benefits their lives by combining sports with academics.

Mobility Impact Suit has you covered with complete safety of your child needed at young age.

Comfort that enables your child to play with full potential

It addition to taking care of your child’s safety, Mobility Impact Suit also ensures comfort. The compressed suit maximizes athlete’s mobility and comfort while performing on the field. For this purpose, the need for heavy, bulky under-pads has been eliminated in the suit.

Your child can move and run easily with more comfort. The cross-linking technology makes this sports-wear flexible, tough and resilient, yet comfortable.

Light fabric that keeps your child cool

Sports for children can be exhausting and tiring experience. Proper hydration and air is needed for them to stay fresh.

Mobility Impact Suit is made of lightweight micro fiber that feels easy on the body and keeps the body cool by transferring the moisture away.

Easy to Wear

There are no buttons and strings on the suit. Your child can easily step into the suit and zip it up. The suit and the padding are washable that makes it easy to maintain.

Furthermore, Mobility Impact Suit is available in different styles, color and sizes. You can choose the suit that fits and looks good on your child.