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With the MOBILITY IMPACT SUITTM made of the most advanced toughest, sleekest materials available now

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Made with high density polyethylene (HDPE)
and other materials that are "Impact Resistant"


Includes 4-way stretching lightweight microfiber that is resilient, flexible, and comfortable


Lycra compression construction increases
power, endurance, and speed

Mobility Impact Suit

Everything an Ideal Sport Suit Should be

While every sport requires special settings and environment, there are few sports that require extra preparation before you step in. Sports like football and hockey are physically demanding, and can cause various injuries, some small and some life-threatening. An athlete knows how to be well-prepared for such circumstances, and an efficient sport suit can just be the answer.

Here comes, Mobility Impact Suit™ - a compression suit that is designed to provide athletes a complete protection, while ensuring great comfort and efficiency. The revolutionary construction of the suit fits both men and women. Suits are available for kids, too.


High Mobility and Comfort

Eliminate Bulky Under Pads!

The compression design of the Mobility Impact Suit™ makes certain you don’t need to wear heavy, bulky under-pads. Those tend to restrict an athlete’s free, quick movements and comfort.

With four-way stretching capabilities, the Mobility Impact Suit™ has power bands for knees and elbows, to enhance mobility during performance while protecting the body from muscle strains – thus, reducing injuries. This suit ensures maximum mobility, performance, and comfort for everyone.

Ultimate Protection

“Impact Resistant” Suit!

To provide complete protection to athletes is the highest priority of Mobility Impact Suit™. It has built-in pads made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material provides excellent protection from heavy impacts. These pads have been strategically placed in the areas of the body that are more likely to encounter direct impact.

The suit is basically “Impact Resistant” because of the cross-linking technology that enables the suit to be tough, resilient, and flexible. Additionally, the padding is removable which allows the athletes to customize the suit according to their desired level of protection. Say goodbye to injuries!